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Great tool for students to display their learning!

Love this app to display student learning!
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Instagram Adjectives

I love this for getting students to use adjectives to describe their the colleges they designed with the app.
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Effective for graphic design

In general, I consider Piccollage as a valuable alternative to explore visual creativity and the development of graphic design products such as posters, advertisements, or reviews, of course, the possibilities are endless. After using it with year 7 students, I can recommend if for children as young as grade 4 up to grade 9 or 10. The combination of Piccollage products with video editors would offer the opportunity for students to create neat and eye-catching animations. As a teacher, you just get it downloaded to your classroom devices, or alternatively to your students' personal devices, for free, and off you go, they are ready to explore, invent and be creative. That is what technology in the classroom is for, isn't it?
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PicCollage for Students!

This app will allow students to make images their own through the editing process, this will make students feel accomplished or may even allow students to find something new that they enjoy.
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Interractive Digital Posterboard

Gone are the days that parents or teachers have to go to the store and buy the giant poster boards for student's to design a presentation on. Why not use this digital tool for student to add to a digital portfolio to show later on for application or for scholarship opportunities? Teachers can exapnd the audience past just the teacher or those in the classroom.
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Kids Can Construct Custom Creations

Pic Collage is a versatile and simple to use, yet very effective digital tool. Children as young as kindergarten-aged can quickly learn to navigate Pic Collage and create wonderful products to demonstrate their learning. Students that I have worked with really like the opportunity to personalize their products to represent their own personal creativity. Allowing students’ choice in their final products increases buy in and productivity as students create to ‘show what they know’. Pic Collages can very easily be saved to the camera roll, uploaded to Dropbox, printed, or app smashed with other applications, which makes sharing the students’ work a breeze. While Pic Collage is a digital poster app, the addition of an audio component, where the student could instruct or explain would be great. Although this is not included with the Pic Collage app, it is easy to load the Pic Collages into other apps that do feature audio as an option and add the audio layer to students’ products (Chatterpix and Seesaw are two with which we have been successful). I highly recommend Pic Collage to give students’ creativity and choice in demonstrating their learning!
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Easy Collage with Template or Open Space

This open-ended app is great for app smashing or use on its own. It can be taken in many different directions. My uses have ranged from color collages to Thinglink backgrounds to a birthday card with an image of each class saying happy birthday (with a speech bubble) to our Head of School.
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Digital Posters, oh my!

This is another one of my go-to apps to share with teachers. It's versatility across grade levels and content areas makes it in my top 5 list of apps. It supports the idea of learning, creating and sharing with the iPad, one of the best ways to use the tool in my opinion. You can easily give students voice and choice when using an app like Pic Collage. It also supports the idea of shifting away from a worksheet driven classroom to one that focuses on higher level thinking and a deeper understanding of the content by allowing students to show what they know. Be careful of the stickers as it can be a time suck for sure. I've noticed that one of the stickers one of my kindergartners came across one day was a Miller High Life bottle, but haven't been able to find it since. I'm not sure if Pic Collage did away with it or not. When using this app with students, I list the "must haves" on the board and give them a time limit. If they finish before times up, then they can add the extras. I make sure my students work on the content first and save the fluff for later. Otherwise, they may never finish. I also make sure students have the opportunity to share whether its really quickly in a small group, displaying the iPad big screen or posting it to Seesaw, Edmodo or Google Classroom to enable others to comment. This is a keeper and you will love the possibilities that Pic Collage offers. Maybe Pic Collage will add an audio component one day?!? Fingers crossed.
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Phenomenal Photo Collages

This app is amazing! It's easy to use and the graphics are simple, even for non-readers. If 19 six-year-olds can use this app for content creation, you know it's good! Even if you didn't use photos, students could use the text feature to practice spelling words, write poetry, describe stickers... the options are endless! All collages can be saved to the device's Camera Roll, allowing images to be shared via email or Dropbox. It's a fantastic app with a multitude of uses. Highly recommend!
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Great for Vocabulary Reinforcement

Ultimately, it forced students to think of their new vocabulary words visually, which further added to the depth of their understanding. Other than not being able to directly pull photos from the internet, I had no issues with the app. It was easy for the students to navigate with only minimal modeling from myself. It easy to email the collage and print it off so that students can view it all week long. There are also other options available when it comes to sharing and saving. At least one of the options should work for you.
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