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In general, I consider Piccollage as a valuable alternative to explore visual creativity and the development of graphic design products such as posters, advertisements, or reviews, of course, the possibilities are endless. After using it with year 7 students, I can recommend if for children as young as grade 4 up to grade 9 or 10. The combination of Piccollage products with video editors would offer the opportunity for students to create neat and eye-catching animations. As a teacher, you just get it downloaded to your classroom devices, or alternatively to your students' personal devices, for free, and off you go, they are ready to explore, invent and be creative. That is what technology in the classroom is for, isn't it?

How I Use It

I used Piccollage in a unit of graphic design, a group of year 7 students had to develop creative posters of specific aspects of school life such as being a thinker, or open-minded, or communicator, among others. I decided to use this app because it is free and it looked easy to use, yet full of potential for creativity. My students finished their projects with sufficient quality standard for the year level, they had fun exploring the resources such as backgrounds, fonts and inserting images. It is worth to say that Piccollage is easily adaptable for ELL students, the visual component is high which converts the app straightforward.

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