A more creative way to communicate through note taking.

Submitted 8 years ago
Erik C.
Erik C.
TOSA - Full-time BTSA/Induction Support Provider
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My Take

Overall, Paper 53 is one of my favorite apps for note taking. I really like this app for delivering information to students in artistic ways. Concept maps in Paper 53 look like they are on artistic steroids! This makes information more engaging for students. If you can invest in the in-app purchases and/or the Pencil, this app becomes a gateway to creativity through the use of digital art and creativity. That being said, investment could get expensive, so I recommend trying it as a teacher first, then bringing it to the student level. I do wish that more of the paid functions were free for educational use. If you do get the Pencil, all the paid tools are free.

How I Use It

We have used this app to make note taking more engaging and to display ideas in more creative ways. Our target group was beginning teachers, but many of these teachers saw the potential for this in their own classrooms. This may be a way to encourage note taking from students, especially when they can add their own artistic touch to those notes. Paper's ability to use color makes plain writing more attractive as the user can create artistic icons and images that build connections to content.

The visual nature of Paper by 53 allows for a large amount of differentiation for different levels of students. The app could be used as an incentive to create a final draft from written work to a digital format... students often times love this option. At its basic level, Paper can be used for enrichment and creativity by any level of student.