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Creating Media, Productivity

Price: Free
Platforms: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Pros: The intuitive design makes this easy for anyone to use.

Cons: Experiencing the app at its fullest (with the Pencil stylus) is likely cost-prohibitive for most classrooms.

Bottom Line: The simplicity and effectiveness of the app make this a powerful sketch and note-taking tool for the iPad.

For teachers wanting to emphasize handwriting skills while keeping their classroom digital, Paper by WeTransfer is your solution. The writing tool makes for a slightly more legible option than the drawing tool when it comes to taking notes. For teachers wanting to integrate the arts and digital tools in the classroom, Paper is ideal. The drawing tool is excellent for sketching out ideas. The app is designed to look and feel just like picking up a notebook. In keeping with this clean aesthetic, you won't find any buttons or login screens. Multiple sketchbooks can be added to each device, allowing students to share a device, but without a multiple-user login, there isn't anything to stop students from accessing other sketchbooks.

Paper by WeTransfer is a digital sketchbook full of powerful tools to create beautiful illustrations. Begin with a brief tutorial and get started drawing. There are no buttons, and the emphasis on touch features makes for an intuitive design. Sketches are stored in sketchbooks that sit neatly on a shelf. Once your book is full, you can start a new one. Share your creations via Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, or email, or save them to your camera roll. Paper is completely free, including the additional tools (mixer, color, write, outline, and sketch), which formerly were in-app purchases. Although all the creating can be done with your finger, there is the option to purchase Paper's aptly named stylus, Pencil ($99).

The tools are all so responsive and intuitive that it’s possible to teach basic drawing and painting techniques using Paper by WeTransfer. The harder you push, the thicker your lines. Layer your paint to create darker values of colors, and use the mixer to create new colors. Create multiple illustrations, fill up your sketchbook, and start a new one. Paper is also full of potential as a productivity tool. Students can use the app to brainstorm ideas, sketch out a storyline, or take down notes. The versatility of Paper makes it easy to combine the arts and productivity while utilizing digital tools -- talk about a power combo!

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Give students a digital alternative to their notebook, with touch in mind, and a variety of drawing tools.


Students can use this digital sketchbook to store notes, brainstorm ideas, and practice artistic skills.


Begin with a brief tutorial and then jump right into your sketchbook. Intuitive design makes it easy to get started, and explainers are available throughout.

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Visual Thinking + No paper + easy to add and share = WINNING

This tool is basic, which I love. Sometimes the bells and whistles get in the way of learning. It would be wonderful for PBL where students are guiding their own learning, yet need to turn in their thoughts to the teacher.

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