Perfect Interactive "Dry Erase" Board for iPad

Submitted 8 years ago
Joel S.
Joel S.
Village East Community Elementary School
Aurora CO, US
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My Take

I have installed this app on all 200 iPads in our building. Teachers no longer need dry erase boards, markers, and socks to wipe their slates clean. Now it's all done electronically and serves the exact same purpose, with a 21st century twist. The ease of use and simply interface makes this a winner and kids LOVE IT!!

How I Use It

I use Paper by 53 as an electronic "Dry Erase Board" where students can write with their fingers and hold up answers to teacher-led lessons. It's also useful to help provide a tactile experience with writing for students with fine motor difficulty. By allowing students to write on an iPad with their fingers, and easily go backwards to erase mistakes, it becomes an engaging way for teachers to lead whole group lessons (i.e. spelling practice, show math problems, draw sketches and pictures from books) or as independent practice.