Tangible learning with an iPad!

Submitted 7 years ago
Karen O.
Karen O.
Green Acres School
Rockville MD, US
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My Take

The interactivity between the tangible pieces and iPad creates a wonderful use of the iPad. The guidance in the "introduction" provides a great tool to learn tangrams as it breaks down the idea of tangrams to the simplest parts.

One suggestion would be to have a more sensitive camera as there are times where the pieces are in close proximity to the front of the iPad and the pieces are accurately placed, but the camera does not pick up on the correct placement.

How I Use It

I have used Osmo Tangrams with preschool children who are studying shapes and benefit from extensions. The guided practice in the "introduction" starts from a basic 2 piece tangram and individually assesses each piece's placement. As the activities progress, the expectations increase. Once the introduction has been completed, students practice with the "play" section which has leveled options.