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Great for creative skills and critical thinking!

Really great for all students. No reading involved, which is easier for Els. Helpful for critical thinking as well!
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Tangible learning with an iPad!

The interactivity between the tangible pieces and iPad creates a wonderful use of the iPad. The guidance in the "introduction" provides a great tool to learn tangrams as it breaks down the idea of tangrams to the simplest parts. One suggestion would be to have a more sensitive camera as there are times where the pieces are in close proximity to the front of the iPad and the pieces are accurately placed, but the camera does not pick up on the correct placement.
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Engaging Manipulative App

This is a great way for students to practice the logic and critical thinking skills involved in solving tangram puzzles without the storage issue of where to keep the different levels of puzzles and the issue of tracking progress and understanding. The pieces are durable and easily manipulated, especially compared to manipulating shapes right on the iPad screen. The fact that are no words to read makes it useful for even the youngest students as well as ELL. Directions are clear and it's easy to choose and differentiate between levels of difficulty.
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Fun for All Ages!

I highly recommend Tangram for OSMO. This technology is the first of its' kind to combine both the physical and digital world. I love that it allows younger students to use tangible objects. Using tangible items helps students work on fine motor development and eye hand coordination. The use of visual feedback is also great for younger students. The app is self leveling, so as games are played and levels are passed the difficulty increases. This makes the app relevant and useful in the older grade classrooms. Also, this app encourages students to work together and problem solve. It is much more fun for students to work in small groups and solve the problems together then it is to have them individually work with the system. My only gripe with this app is the OSMO systems hefty $79.99 intro price.
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