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Submitted 7 years ago
Stephanie F.
Stephanie F.
Educational Technology Integration Consultant
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My Take

I highly recommend Tangram for OSMO. This technology is the first of its' kind to combine both the physical and digital world. I love that it allows younger students to use tangible objects. Using tangible items helps students work on fine motor development and eye hand coordination. The use of visual feedback is also great for younger students. The app is self leveling, so as games are played and levels are passed the difficulty increases. This makes the app relevant and useful in the older grade classrooms. Also, this app encourages students to work together and problem solve. It is much more fun for students to work in small groups and solve the problems together then it is to have them individually work with the system. My only gripe with this app is the OSMO systems hefty $79.99 intro price.

How I Use It

Tangram is a fun and interactive app that works with the OSMO system. OSMO sells for $79.99 for the "Starter Set" and $99.99 for the "Genius Set". Please note, this app will not work without the OSMO system. OSMO allows the physical and the digital world to collide in a fun new way. Tangram takes great advantage of this physical and digital world collision by allowing the player to recreate the image that appears on the iPad using real tangram pieces. When playing the intro easy level games, the image displays in beautiful full color that corresponds with the the colors of the tangram pieces. As the user gets answers correct, visual feedback on the screen is provided to show that a player is on the right track. As you progress through the game, the levels get harder and provide less color and less visual feedback for correct answers. In the hardest level the image appears as a solid black image and does not provide any feedback until the tangram pieces are completely placed correctly.