Easy to organize digital notebook

Submitted 7 years ago
Nicole Q.
Nicole Q.
Eastridge Senior High School
Rochester NY, US
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This is a great app for helping students keep track of notes and a digital binder of all their notes for each class. It can be easily divided into various subjects and allows students multiple colored pens and highlighters as well as cut and paste tools. Students can add images from their camera roll or from the internet or other media on their device. It helps students personalize their own learning by taking ownership of their notebook, similar to interactive notebooks, but all easily stored on students' devices.

I have found that my students are more likely to use their notes and look back at reference material when it is all digital organized and easy to access. It has made it possible to focus more on higher level - thinking skills because the basic comprehension and knowledge skills are easily accessed though the notebook and other online resources.

How I Use It

I use this app as a digital notebook for my students. Students can organize by subject and topic, and color code different subject and dividers. This eliminates the need of keeping papers that are easily lost. For students who do not like to write on the iPad, they can still write on paper and then take a picture of their notes to add to their notebook.

Besides writing notes, students can embed their own pictures, websites or other digital media to enhance their digital notebook. For math, students take picture of their calculator screen and add it to their notes as a reference of what the calculator can look like. Students can also add information from websites by adding clickable links.