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Great for notetaking

This is a great note taking app that acts as a blank slate. It works nicely in that it disappears and lets the user freely take notes. It allows for good organization into dividers and importing documents and sharing them is easy to learn, but not completely intuitive. I like the feature of having the iPad complete your drawings which is good for math and geometry and lines. There are a lot of features that sound really good but in practicality are pretty useless in my opinion. Granted, it's good for different kinds of learners because these features might actually help students who benefit from hearing the lecture again. But for the voice recording feature, when you call back to the moment the note was written, it's often too late because we write on a delay, thus making this feature basically unusable. Plus, if you're the kind of person to reorganize your notes, this feature doesn't have that flow that it's supposed to have. However, again this is a good blank slate. It has plenty of colors and options for different papers and importing screenshots and then writing over them is a good feature. Too bad there's no way to collaborate on certain notes in real time.
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Notability helps forests grow, copiers rest, students succeed, parents smile & teachers tweet #Nomorehandouts! #digitallearning #Notability

More colors-maybe a color wheel-would be beneficial for sketching. An eraser tool that would only erase what it touches-not the whole item. A fill tool for coloring and sketching.
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Note taking for the next generation

For me I use this to present materials to students. I put it on my iPad and broadcast it to the whiteboard. This allows me to walk around the room and write on the board as we work. Students can also flip their notes for display.
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Take notes the way you want to!

I think Notability is great because it allows students to chose the most effective note-taking strategy for them. They can enter traditional notes, add sketches, snap a picture of a chart or graphic (and even annotate on it) or record audio notes. This makes it perfect for a wide variety of students including special education, ELL, or simply struggling learners that need the info in multiple formats. The ability to share note allows students to collaborate with peers or even for the teacher to share notes that have been missed. As a productivity app, students don't "learn" directly from Notability, but it is an amazing tool that gives students the ability to master many topics.
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Easy to organize digital notebook

This is a great app for helping students keep track of notes and a digital binder of all their notes for each class. It can be easily divided into various subjects and allows students multiple colored pens and highlighters as well as cut and paste tools. Students can add images from their camera roll or from the internet or other media on their device. It helps students personalize their own learning by taking ownership of their notebook, similar to interactive notebooks, but all easily stored on students' devices. I have found that my students are more likely to use their notes and look back at reference material when it is all digital organized and easy to access. It has made it possible to focus more on higher level - thinking skills because the basic comprehension and knowledge skills are easily accessed though the notebook and other online resources.
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Notability is noteworthy!

The beauty and appeal of this app is its versatility and simplicity. This app can be as dynamic and yield a high level of productivity or be as simple as a white board app. The customization and ease of interface while non-complicated functionality is unmatched by other similar apps. If you are trying to use multiple apps for smashing, this one will be a good paring every time!
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Perfect tool to use with Learning Managements Systems on the iPad!

I love the features Notability has to offer as an annotation device. The text, writing, highlight, cutting and audio recording features fit the needs of students for many projects and assignments. An added bonus-students don't need to create accounts to use this app!
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Awesome Note taking app that is user friendly.

I really like it.
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Great app for taking quick notes

Great overall.
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Notability is the greatest note taking app ever!

Notability is a great app for students who need to take notes. And who doesn't? The iCloud backup has saved many students too! It's great!
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