Great for notetaking

Submitted 2 years ago
Brian L.
Brian L.
Santa Barbara Unified School District
Santa Barbara CA, US
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My Take

This is a great note taking app that acts as a blank slate. It works nicely in that it disappears and lets the user freely take notes. It allows for good organization into dividers and importing documents and sharing them is easy to learn, but not completely intuitive. I like the feature of having the iPad complete your drawings which is good for math and geometry and lines.
There are a lot of features that sound really good but in practicality are pretty useless in my opinion. Granted, it's good for different kinds of learners because these features might actually help students who benefit from hearing the lecture again. But for the voice recording feature, when you call back to the moment the note was written, it's often too late because we write on a delay, thus making this feature basically unusable. Plus, if you're the kind of person to reorganize your notes, this feature doesn't have that flow that it's supposed to have.
However, again this is a good blank slate. It has plenty of colors and options for different papers and importing screenshots and then writing over them is a good feature. Too bad there's no way to collaborate on certain notes in real time.

How I Use It

Have students import worksheets or write directly on lectures or assignments. Have students turn in screenshots of their work. You could also have students record what is being said as they take notes, but I'm almost certain that people do not use this when they got back to review.