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Submitted 5 years ago
Roxanne N.
Roxanne N.
Stoneybrooke Christian School
San Juan Capistrano CA, US
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My Take

More colors-maybe a color wheel-would be beneficial for sketching. An eraser tool that would only erase what it touches-not the whole item. A fill tool for coloring and sketching.

How I Use It

I require the students to use the write/sketch tool on PDF docs for in class handout completion, classification, color coding, annotation and highlighting. The students create digital notebooks with all notes, handouts, docs and quizzes. I record white board lectures and post on my class web page. We use it for classroom logs, signature required contracts and science lab write-ups. I also use Notability for in class movie quizzes. I upload the quiz as a PDF online, the students download into their digital notebook and complete (using the handwriting tool) during class. They email the completed quiz, we then correct/edit together in class for instant feedback and they get to keep the corrected quiz as a study tool in their digital notebooks for the future.