Near Pod: Great Tool for a Rigorous Learning Environment!

Submitted 5 years ago
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My Take

SAMR model is visible when using Near pod because the tool helps teacher to infuse technology into teaching and learning. Also, in using Near Pod, TPACK framework is evident because the teacher is able to create and develop varied activities, and technology is combined with content and pedagogy to create effective learning environment during teacher -students and students to students collaboration( Paired -learning, sharing, interacting, reviewing, posting and sharing). Overall, Near Pod is an amazing tool which I am looking forward to using it in my classroom .

How I Use It

For students with special needs ( ED Program), I think Near pod can very useful tool to support their learning. It is good for my students because they will be given the chance to interact and get immediate feedback. Imagine having students bringing the world in the classroom and incorporate virtual reality and 360 degrees views into slides. This can help my students recall and remember all the notes of their study for the day. From direct instruction to independent learning, they can be fully engaged.

With the device in their hands, students can easily be engaged with teacher directed instruction to self- directed interactive presentations. The student can access the content/lesson and they are able to get immediate feedback from the responses that they submit which I believe is very important especially when doing formative assessment. If I will use this in my class ,I will be able to monitor my students progress very well.