Engaging and easy to use for students

Submitted 3 months ago
Katelyn A.
Katelyn A.
Crossland High School
Temple Hills MD, US
My Rating

My Take

I think this is a great tool for me to use in my classroom. I loved how it works in real time to give feedback and monitor the progress that students are making. The only thing I didn't like about nearpod is that you have to pay for more than 40 students to the in the class at one time. While this will not be a problem for me personally, I can see this being an issue for larger classes in a college setting.

How I Use It

I have never used this before with students, but recently learned how it could be used in my classroom. I would use this resource to encourage collaboration between students and to help give real time feedback on students assignments. I could also use this tool to give frequent formative assessments based on the progress my students are making on assignments.