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Engaging and easy to use for students

I think this is a great tool for me to use in my classroom. I loved how it works in real time to give feedback and monitor the progress that students are making. The only thing I didn't like about nearpod is that you have to pay for more than 40 students to the in the class at one time. While this will not be a problem for me personally, I can see this being an issue for larger classes in a college setting.
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A teacher's best friend

Contrary to Rich B's take, I have always experienced speedy and responsive customer service whether I have been state side or abroad. Nearpod lessons are relevant, engaging, and flexible. Students love the lessons I have presented . The library is extensive, and helps differentiate lessons improving student engagement.
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Terrible Customer Service

My overall opinion is that greed supersedes fairness with Nearpod. Do Not Give them your credit card info. They will abuse it.
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This website is inconsistent and repetitive.

This tool is excessive and unneeded. It doesn't help students and is frustrating and not easy to you. It is inconsistent and and doesn't save some students answers.
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Collaborative, engaging, informative, and fun!

I love Nearpod as a means for introducing new topics to my students. It allows for check-ins, group contribution and collaboration, learning games, term recognition, and other activities. It definitely augments the ways in which I can introduce a topic or skill. It changes the layout from a lecture to a lecture with a more interactive component. It also allows students to do on their own pace individually or together with the class. This flexibility is really helpful for virtual learning. Gaining the immediate data and feedback from each student while they were learning was so helpful for figuring out what I needed to re-explain or what the students are understanding. I think it would improve the tool if students could send messages on Nearpod while the teacher is teaching the lesson in order to ask private questions or make comments to the teacher only. I used this while teaching over Zoom and having to switch over to check the chat on Zoom was tricky with only one computer. I think that a messaging component would be a great addition to this tool.
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Engaging Alternative to Traditional Presentations

I love using NearPod in the classroom--particularly during the virtual learning setting. The creation of the presentation proves rather user-friendly (which makes it a great resource for students to create as well). However, I was unsatisfied with the lack of flexibility in terms of the design of each slide. I am used to the eye-catching designs of Slide Carnival and was disappointed by the singular colors NearPod offered. Further, I wish there were more opportunities for students to create within the presentation. It would be great to see more resources embedded into the software to make that happen. Perhaps more opportunities for collaborative conversation or analysis. Overall, I think that if the teacher meaningfully uses NearPod in their classroom, the resource provides sufficient opportunities for critical thinking and collaboration, serves as a more engaging alternative to Slides or PowerPoint, and truly employs technological, pedagogical, and content-area knowledge. However, this resource cannot serve these functions without a driven educator creating meaningful presentations.
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Terrible platform. Difficult to use and doesn't have nearly as many benefits that Peardeck does.

Not great at all, would not recommend compared to what else is out there.
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Great app that allows for simple interactions

The app is a great tool for teaching, as it allows for more interaction but it requires some messing around to figure out the system.
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interactive and keeps students engaged while learning virtually!

Nearpod makes teaching virtually more fun and maintains the classroom community. It can be hard to get students to participate, but with this it's easy and makes a huge difference.
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