Engaging to teach young kids financial responsibility

Submitted 9 months ago
Neel G.
Neel G.
K–12 district
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My Take

This is a very cute and fun game to teach kids about financial literacy. I feel like students are not taught enough about financial literacy and taxes and how to use money in a correct and efficient manner in today's society. This game will help students learn from a very young age what money is and the importance of saving and spending money so that when they get older they can plan for their futures, including their careers and future families.

How I Use It

This game will be introduced for students as to how much money they can spend and how much money they can save. It will teach them how to budget and spend money effectively and not just impulsively buy anything they want, however, it will be difficult in the beginning as they are young kids and they would want to get as much as they can. As they play more and more, they will learn not to spend all their coins, buy effectively and use their money wisely, thus, teaching them skills they would need to know for the rest of their lives.