Teams provides a safe space for collaboration and communication about any topic/initiative. Love it!

Submitted 5 years ago
Kim J.
Kim J.
Chino Valley Unified School District
Chino CA, US
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My Take

I LOVE Microsoft Teams! I enjoy the power it gives teachers to monitor conversations and mute a student if necessary. I appreciate the easy conversational easy to traverse and easy to use. Students and teacher may private chat, as well. All resources may be attached to conversations as well as stored for the Team to reference. There is no way a student can lose his/her materials, and the confidence that comes from being, essentially, "Mess-proof" means a student can find what he/she needs without panic.

How I Use It

I am a Trainer of Teachers, so I see Microsoft Teams used in a variety of settings, grades four to twelve. Because it is unique to each classroom/section, teachers customize their Team to fit their roster of students. I have seen differentiated assignments, formative assessments (Forms), curated notes (Class Notebook), resources (websites and other links in Tabs). Students may communicate with each other in Conversations, specifically choosing their topic by choosing the Channel that was built for that topic. For example, in an English class a teacher has a channel for each of the novels his class is reading right now...a virtual book club. As a District Trainer, I use Teams to generate district-wide conversations and sharing for district-wide initiatives. For example, our district is beginning the process of building STEAM labs and Makerspaces. Rather than leading from the top, our interested parties in the district are having a grand old time