Seamless integration with OneNote, plan, collaborate, organize, submit

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Santa Margarita Catholic High School
Rancho Santa Margarita CA, US
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My Take

Product helps as a one-stop platform to seamlessly organize the Class Notebook, Assignments, attachments, files, and any other apps I'd like to add for quick access. It eases communication between students working and learning together through filtered conversations,, ties to Skype and Chat. Just a powerful tool for putting it all together and helping me differentiate work and process as well as helping students self-manage their work and learning while staying organized. Really a powerful management tool!

How I Use It

Teams has provided a new dimension to how I use Class Notebook. I can now assign blogs in the Conversations tab, schedule assignments that populate the OneNote Class Notebook with a click and selection . Students receive an email for each new assignment, and do not even have to upload and submit work. Once they have completed the work in Class Notebook, they click "Submit" and my assignment submission box is updated with time and date of completed work. Can add attachments as needed. Students can also use the Planner and Chat functions for Collaborative projects. And all email can be filtered or tailor-made with an @ mention. Bots and adding tabs for access to frequently used applications rounds out the capacities of this platform. Seamless integration-thanks, Microsoft!