Microsoft Teams is a great platform for organizing, distributing work, collaborating, and sharing resources. Teachers can use many tools with their students without the need for multiple logons. The ease of use is a definite plus.

Submitted 4 years ago
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I absolutely love Microsoft Teams. My Ells sometimes have never touched a laptop before coming into my class so having an environment that only requires one login is amazing. The versatility of the tool and the ability to use so many apps and tools within Teams makes it a must for teachers who work with special populations. The use of Immersive Reader within OneNote is an example of a tool that can help special populations. Teams can be used by any student and teacher to accomplish many of the tasks that normally require multiple accounts with multiple logins. That in itself makes it a perfect choice for educators who have a difficult time finding time to get everything done.

How I Use It

I use Microsoft Teams with my English Language Learners for many things. Students use OneNote in Teams to do assignments, collaborate on projects and for communication practice with the chat feature. The integration of apps allows me to embed full Flipgrid grids and topics into Teams. My students are able to respond to Microsoft Forms, fill SurveyMonkey surveys, complete Newsela articles, and interact with so many more apps and tools. It is amazing.