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Submitted 9 years ago
Celine P.
Celine P.
Horizon Middle School
Aurora CO, US
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When I first signed up for Mathalicious, I wasn’t sure what to expect. What I found is a website full of real-world, high-interest lessons aligned to common core standards. Math concepts are taught through real-world topics that include: purchasing family wireless plans, BMI as a measure of health, the real cost of using credit cards and whether or not romance can be modeled with mathematics to name a few. The lessons are comprehensive and provide all the tools necessary to implement the lesson effectively. Each lesson includes a plan, a teach and a reflect tab. The plan contains the student targets, any pre-teaching that might be necessary, student hand-outs and a comprehensive teaching guide. The teach tab has all of the questions from the teaching guide as well as any graphics, videos or links relevant to the lesson. The reflect tab is designed to be used by teachers who have taught the lesson. The hope is that it will provide insight to teachers who would like to use the lesson in the future. I am very excited about this site and have signed up for a trail to use with my teachers.

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I would use this to get students excited about math.