Math, fun and real-world questions all combined into great lessons.

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I love the lessons that mathalicious provides for teachers. Our school uses them with a variety of teachers because there is so much support built into the teacher guide. If you are a newer teacher you can use the lesson right from the website and the guiding questions will help you guide your students. If you are more of a seasoned teacher you are able to pick and chose what you want to use with your students and the lesson is still as coherent as they originally wrote it. It is almost like Mathalicious thought of the variety of teacher types and differentiated their lessons to meet the different needs of teachers. Something I would love to see from Mathalicious is more K-5 lessons I could use with elementary teachers. They could totally benefit from the structure of their lesson guides.

How I Use It

I used multiple lessons from mathalicious to teach conceptual knowledge and then have students apply that knowledge to other situations. The teacher guide is filled with ways to help new and seasoned teachers guide the lesson towards the objective (which is stated on the lesson guide and with students) The teacher guide provides anticipatory questions that helped me as a teacher figure out how to help my students without showing them how to do it but instead guiding them with questions to have them figure it out. I am not that into the tech side of the lesson just because my school doesn't have the technology to support it but if I worked in a technology rich school I would be using the web based lesson more.

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