Real world applications encourage creative problem-solving and student questioning.

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I love this website. When I used it last year, I found that I needed to supplement the materials with support. My students were not always able to mathematically do what the lessons assumed they could, although I don't think this is a shortcoming; as a teacher, I should have better anticipated where they would get confused. What is great about Mathalicious is their creative ideas for lessons. I don't mind having to support with practice when someone else has great ideas, and has created graphics and worksheets to accompany those ideas. It's a little pricey for a teacher who doesn't have school financial support.

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I used several of the Mathalicious lessons to start off my school year; I wanted to set the tone for using math to solve real problems, and also for posing additional questions. What is great about the Mathalicious lessons is the engagement factor - the hook - and translating that hook into a mathematical question. Does Big Dom's pricing structure make any sense? (Ratio and Proportion) How long will it take a ball to make it to first base? (Unit Conversion) At what age difference is it too creepy for an older person to date a younger person? (System of Linear Equations) Some lessons required additional scaffolding for struggling learners, but Mathalicious is very responsive to teacher input. I

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