Engage Students in Timely Topics, Cultural Diversity, and Historical Perspectives

Submitted 7 years ago
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This site is very valuable as a repository for lessons, with supporting media, as well as a resource for research, where background information can be culled for teaching and inquiry based projects.

How I Use It

The Teaching Tolerance website has so much to offer, and one could incorporate its resources in a variety of ways. I plan on using this website's lesson for the "Day After Election Day." Students will want to discuss the results of this year's presidential election, having heard some commentators described this year's process as "surreal."

In addition, I will assign given topics to my students who work on Independent Study projects. For example, there are helpful resources for one student who is doing research about the Freedom Riders. I believe all the resources are apropos, just some of my special education students may have trouble navigating the site because of its breadth and depth. In that case, I would have to demonstrate how to narrow down a search.