Teaching Tolerance is great for the future

Submitted 4 years ago
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I enjoy Teaching Tolerance because it is taking a prominent role in today's society. It has up to date topics and events that can weigh on people's minds. These topics can lead to in depth discussion by the students and digesting difficult topics leads to greater learning. The students can learn how to discuss delicate subjects while providing ideas to combat harmful and toxic behavior.

How I Use It

I would have the kids read a particular article with guided questions that are created to promote a discussion on a difficult topic. Baltimore schools have a social studies unit called B-More You which focuses on their experience within the city and how it affects everything they do. With the media coverage of Baltimore, the students could ask why their city is perceived this way and what responsibilities do they have to change that perception. They also have lesson plans that can be used to modernize topics that may seem outdated like the Bill of Rights. It creates a dialogue about what the student can do to create a better community and environment around them.