Teaching Tolerance is the best tool for Social and Emotional Learning.

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Michelle A.
Michelle A.
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Richard Montgomery High School
Rockville MD, US
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I have been using materials from Teaching Tolerance since its inception, my only complaint is that its information is vastly underused by educators and needs to be used more as a resource particularly in teaching about civil rights, current events, mental and social health , etc.

How I Use It

I use teaching tolerance all the time with teacher professional development and students. This organization partners with the National Education Association (NEA) to provide information and resources on a variety of issues primarily dealing with social and emotional learning, including race, identity, LGBTQ issues, mental health, and civil rights and of course tolerance. Lessons run from k-12 and they provide kits for classroom learning on history, bullying, etc. The organization is a part of the Southern Poverty Law Center which tracks hate groups and literally reports statistics to the FBI. But its excellent in promoting tolerance, harmony and support of students and staff.