Grammaropolis offers a great way for students to practice using all the major parts of speech and includes general information about the part of speech as well as videos and practice through games.

Submitted 8 years ago
Linda W.
Linda W.
Wareham Middle School
Wareham MA, US
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My Take

Teaching grammar can be somewhat boring and hard to engage students in the learning and practice process, Grammaropolis was engaging, fun and taught the grammar skills that students need to know. The level of content was appropriate for all grade levels and can be used for whole classes at the younger grades and independently at the upper grades. Having information presented in the narrative form as well as through videos provided content differentiation and a fun way to engage all students.
As usual, the fun can be cut short due to membership requirements. The price for a forever, unlimited membership was decent and a pretty good deal as it could be used from year to year. If I were looking for one good paid resource to teach grammar, this one would be in the running. I liked the content presentation. videos, games and quizzes, but not sure why the coloring sheets were included. Students can use the tools on this site independently or in small groups and have fun while learning. It included in depth content on all the major parts of speech and could easily complement any grammar lessons. The games were challenging and kept students on their toes as the words dropped down and they had to quickly place the part of speech under the correct label. Nice site to practice your parts of speech.

How I Use It

I tried Grammaropolis with a group of 5th grade mixed ability students. After giving a quick tour of the site, students were able to work independently and have no difficulty navigating through the site. The animated characters quickly engaged students and information was presented in workable chunks providing students with just enough information. Focusing on nouns, students were able to review content information, watch videos and try the practice games. Students loved the videos and wanted to sing along with the characters. The games quickly engaged the students and we worked in teams to build a little competition into the practice. The quizzes for nouns worked, providing students with one more dose of content and review. As often happens students became a little frustrated after using the free part of the site and wanting more, but unable to continue due do the requirement for membership.