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Pop-the-words game helps students brush up on parts of speech

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Character & SEL, Critical Thinking, English Language Arts

Price: Paid
Platforms: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Pros: The ability to advance in level and earn points motivates students, and practice levels offer no-stress play.

Cons: Advanced students must still start at the lowest level.

Bottom Line: Students can become very familiar with the parts of speech, but they won't gain an in-depth knowledge of grammar and usage.

Teachers may use Grammar Pop as a bell-ringer activity to help students fill time in a constructive way at the beginning or end of class. For students who are having trouble recognizing or correctly using the parts of speech, it provides a quick way to help them improve their knowledge, either for homework or during independent work time in class.

In Grammar Pop, students practice identifying the parts of speech, one sentence at a time. Starting at Level 1, students identify the words in the given sentence that correspond with a particular part of speech. Correctly identifying the parts of speech earns you coins and points. Level by level, the difficulty of the game increases, adding more parts of speech and reducing the amount of time you have to identify those parts of speech. Reaching milestones unlocks new levels, while practice levels exist for those who want to play the game without worrying about time limits and points.

Students can learn about the basic parts of speech, learning to recognize how they appear in sentences with Grammar Pop. The app doesn't provide lessons to help users learn the basic parts of speech, but students who are already familiar with the basic parts of speech can learn how they are put to use in a wide variety of increasingly complex sentences. Grammar Pop won't give students an in-depth understanding of grammar and syntax, but it can help students build confidence in their knowledge of the building blocks of speech.

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Multiple levels, timed games, positive praise, and reward coins encourage kids to keep popping clouds as they put their knowledge of the parts of speech to use.



Progress tracking, positive praise, and the ability to advance through various levels of difficulty make building essential grammar skills accessible to kids and teens at multiple grade levels and skill levels.


Step-by-step instructions help users quickly get into the game. Users have multiple chances to select the right answer, and the game encourages them to try again when time runs out.

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Grammar Game that Keeps Kids Engaged!

Grammar Pop is a great game option in an English Language Arts classroom. It allows students who have mastered their parts of speech to review in a competitive forum. My main concern in the beginning was how boys would react to Grammar Girl and the game. I have not had one complaint across the board about how the game is "girlie" or not for them. It's a great way for kids to master the various parts of speech in the class while others are completing a task. This game does not take the place of teaching parts of speech, but it does enhance grammar in a gaming environment.

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