Grammar Game that Keeps Kids Engaged!

Submitted 8 years ago
Cathie G.
Cathie G.
Dorseyville Middle School
Pittsburgh PA, US
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My Take

Grammar Pop is a great game option in an English Language Arts classroom. It allows students who have mastered their parts of speech to review in a competitive forum. My main concern in the beginning was how boys would react to Grammar Girl and the game. I have not had one complaint across the board about how the game is "girlie" or not for them. It's a great way for kids to master the various parts of speech in the class while others are completing a task. This game does not take the place of teaching parts of speech, but it does enhance grammar in a gaming environment.

How I Use It

Grammar Pop is a great opening and closing activity for students to use with a few minutes left in class. In a 1:1 environment, it becomes very clear that when students have any amount of free time they play any game they can find on their device. Having installed Grammar Pop has allowed me to say, "When you're finished with your opening work you can play Grammar Pop until we are ready." Students also enjoy the competitive nature of the game. Unfortunately, the game does not offer a tutorial or give an example before they start a new part of speech.