As far as these tools go, this is by far the worst.

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This does seem like an interesting concept, however, this is the worst online interactive testing tool I have seen. One of my students saw a power-up selling for $210 (in-game money), and it would make all items free for 20 seconds. Now, when he bought it, this is what actually happened. He got all his money taken away, discovered it had no effect, and all his upgrades were destroyed. You, as a cruel joke, nearly got this child sent home to his strict parents who grounded him for a B+. But, he would have an F. You douchebags had a silly idea of "what would happen if we scammed children". But instead of making a new game, you decided to implement that into your STUDENT TESTING PROGRAM. You trashy idiots could have gotten that kid starved to death (his parents tried before over a D-, frick you CPS for not caring). This is spectacularly low quality. Do not use this program.

How I Use It

I use it to teach my students ELA/spelling. One of my students had an experience, and if I hadn't seen what happened, he would have gotten an F on his test.

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