Perfect for incorporating with student made videos!

Submitted 7 years ago
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I think this tool is effective in certain circumstances. Making a video, or creating scores for a music class would be some of those circumstances. There is a very advanced aspect to this tool that involves multiple combinations of instruments and variations of these instruments. This can be daunting and challenging for some, but to the musically inclined it can be a fun challenge. The basic functions and features can be used to create music for their own videos and not worry about copyright infringements so long as it's their own creations. Students can work on this tool together, some students may be more technologically inclined than others, and some may be more musically inclined than others--if they work together, a lot can be accomplished. It is nice that some instruments come pre-loaded, however it can be a problem that some instruments will need to be purchased. Overall, this tool does nothing but bring out a student's creativity!

How I Use It

This is perfect for a video journalism class, I would incorporate this to have the students create original scores. This would eliminate two problems, and accomplish two things. Two things eliminated: Copyright issues, and approving lyrics of today's artists. Two things accomplished: Students are utilizing an advanced tool, and they are composing and creating from their own mind. GarageBand can also be incorporated with podcasts, nearpods, and presentations in general.