GarageBand: User friendly and engaging for all ages!

Submitted 3 years ago
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My Take

This was an amazing opportunity to allow my students an engaging learning experience through this creative application. I appreciated how user friendly the application was for all ages. My students were able to teach me a thing or two also. I believe that this applications allows students to demonstrate their creativity when it comes to music production. They were able to showcase their favorite music genres, demonstrate their musicianship, collaborate with peers and preserve in their final products. My students were also able to use the phone application version of it which is extremely helpful for when they were not present in class. I am excited to teach this class again!

How I Use It

Our school provided students with a music and movie production class. Students were responsible for creating their own creative song, record it using GarageBand as an option, then use iMovie to make a music video to go with it. We provided instruction at the beginning of class regarding how to properly use the different functions on GarageBand. Our students then had the opportunity to practice those skills during the rest of the class period.

Students found that the application was very user friendly and easy to produce music with. We were able to connect to external microphones and other musical instruments when recording pretty easily. There are several amazing YouTube videos that provided students with extra support when they went home to produce. They were also responsible for finding instructional YouTube videos to share with the class in our shared Schoology classroom.

All in all, this product was very productive and helpful. Our students enjoyed the opportunity to find pre-made loops, create their own tracks and spend time learning how to record with their own musical instruments.