Garageband is the BEST- Students and Teachers alike will benefit!

Submitted 6 years ago
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My Take

This is a very powerful app. Students will need some preparation to use it, however. The tools in the app are quite engaging and powerful. Students will need a moment to explore and play before they can focus on a specific project. I advise the teacher to give this time as it will have students leaving class asking for more. Headphones are advised and students should be well managed before introducing the app.

How I Use It

Garageband for iOS is a great way to engage students. I use it to accompany my recorder students. The smart instruments turn the iPad into the coolest autoharp that ever existed. If you understand chord structure, this app takes singing in your class to the next level! Students can also record their voices and add layers of sound. The latest update turns anyone into a DJ. Students have used this feature to complete projects and presentations.