Turn a Google spreadsheet into flash cards, a quiz show, and more

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How Can I Teach with This Tool?

Flippity easily turns any Google spreadsheet into flash cards, a badge creator, a spelling quiz, a memory game, a word search, and more. Teachers can use Flippity for a variety of purposes: to present to the class, to assess individual students, or to have students make their own creations. In each case, check out the demo, and then use the templates and detailed instructions provided to transform your spreadsheet. 

Want student teams to see how far they're progressing on an extended project? Use the Progress Indicator to quickly show them what percentage of tasks they've completed. Need to make sure you're calling on students equally? Add their names to the Random Name Picker. There are even templates for creating Mad Libs stories and tournament brackets. Keep in mind that some features are supported by ads. 

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A minimalist approach to interactive explorations during online lessons

It's an excellent tool for turning what would otherwise be abstract into something more concrete, which affords teachers and learners more opportunity to explore ideas in greater depth without relying strictly on static visuals and verbal explanation. The challenge might be in ensuring that creations (essentially published spreadsheets) are not restricted for wider sharing by your institution/organization's admin, or the generated content would not be visible to students outside that domain. This might require a workaround on the teacher's part e.g. creating content first using a personal account and then adding the official school account as a collaborator for editing etc.

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