A minimalist approach to interactive explorations during online lessons

Submitted 1 year ago
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My Take

It's an excellent tool for turning what would otherwise be abstract into something more concrete, which affords teachers and learners more opportunity to explore ideas in greater depth without relying strictly on static visuals and verbal explanation. The challenge might be in ensuring that creations (essentially published spreadsheets) are not restricted for wider sharing by your institution/organization's admin, or the generated content would not be visible to students outside that domain. This might require a workaround on the teacher's part e.g. creating content first using a personal account and then adding the official school account as a collaborator for editing etc.

How I Use It

I benefited mainly from the Memory and Manipulatives features respectively for active recall practice and tangible demonstration/exploitation of subject elements e.g. alleles, elements, molecules. While the terms and definition pairing is great for independent testing of recall in a gamified way, the manipulatives feature opens the door to wider interactions with props on the screen e.g. letters of the alphabet/chemical element tiles, strips of sentences from a paragraph that's out of order, or even alleles pairing up in reproductive events for a genetics lesson on dominant vs recessive traits.