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Pros: Thorough and customizable K–12 curriculum, attractive design, full Computer Applications unit, and useful data for teachers.

Cons: Long list of lessons might intimidate some students. Not designed for individual users.

Bottom Line: This fun, comprehensive curriculum goes beyond teaching touch-typing into computer use and professional document creation.

Teachers can use EduTyping in any of their K–12 classes, including mixed-age classrooms. Since it includes two distinct levels of curricula, there's no need to worry about boring older students or moving too quickly for younger ones. It also adapts to student performance and can give real-time feedback, so it's easy to differentiate. Additionally, the Computer Applications content can be used on any available software, including Microsoft Office, Google's apps, or any others, making it easy to implement. There's plenty of help for how to use EduTyping on the site through how-to videos and webinars. Teachers, school admins, and district admins can have their own accounts, overseeing multiple classrooms, teachers, and schools, as well as keep tabs on student progress in real time and run a variety of reports.

Because teachers can create their own content, they can use the opportunity to teach students about other subjects they're learning, or about an upcoming school event. Since students can access this resource from home, it also works well for distance learning. If teachers have students who already know the basics and thrive with more choice, they can allow them to explore the content in whatever order they want. Classes can also watch the videos together with the practice lessons assigned for homework, depending on device access for students in each classroom. Though there's no built-in social component, teachers and students can create friendly competitions, reward milestones, or set up custom tests that kids design for each other.

EduTyping is a comprehensive K–12 keyboarding and computer technology curriculum with hundreds of lessons and content at two levels. EduTyping, Jr., intended for the elementary level, introduces the keyboard row by row and focuses on sight and high-frequency words; it includes video introductions to lessons. EduTyping Secondary is for middle and high school students and presents a more traditional sequence of touch-typing lessons. Both levels include an extensive array of lessons, reinforcements, timed tests, and other features to gradually step students through sequential lessons, with content being added or refreshed regularly. Both also include interactive games with multiple levels of difficulty, topical typing material, and choose-your-own-adventure content to keep student interest and reinforce lessons. Plus, there's a grade-by-grade curriculum for K–5 that addresses the differences between younger elementary students and older ones at a more granular level. Students are graded in real time as they type, which provides immediate feedback to teachers on student progress, typing speed, and accuracy. After each section, students earn XP, see their typing duration, and receive a words-per-minute (WPM), accuracy, and star score. Once they learn the basics, students tackle the practice library, which includes interesting, content-based paragraphs. They can also spend time with the EduTyping Notepad, a sandbox area for students to practice typing whatever they like, or where the teacher can assign or dictate content.

Additionally, both levels of EduTyping include a Tech Readiness unit that teaches technology basics, cybercitizenship, and plenty of Computer Applications lessons on word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation software through printable worksheets, with the Secondary level going into considerable detail. Once students are done with the curriculum, teachers can print certificates of completion. Teachers can also set letter grade equivalents, typing speed and accuracy goals, and benchmarks for students, as well as toggle on or off settings such as the ability to play games, use the Backspace key, or see the Class Scoreboard. Teachers can also preview all of the lessons, remove lessons from the sequence, see answer keys, and access printable lessons to extend the learning. Teachers, school administrators, and district administrators can make and share custom lessons and tests, tailoring content to classroom, school, or district goals.

EduTyping is a very thorough typing curriculum that starts students out with the basics, going through very gradual steps beginning with the home row and continuing on to typing meaningful paragraphs. Students systematically learn new skills, practice previously learned skills, and do periodic reinforcements for their lessons. This keeps their fingers limber and their skills up-to-date. They also do regular timed tests, which provides additional feedback to both students and teachers. There is also a section -- customized for each student -- where students practice their problem keys. Once students learn all the individual keys on the keyboard, the program transitions to content that will likely be relevant to their interests, such as current news stories, subject-based content, and pop culture. Earning XP and badges as they level up their typing skills will motivate students, and the choose-your-own-adventure content will put them more in control. Students can even choose a theme for their EduTyping interface, making the experience feel more personalized.

Students of all levels can also learn how to use real-world applications that they'll be using during their education and in future jobs, like word processors, spreadsheets, and presentation software. Older students also learn more about the workplace, while younger students learn how to use the parts of a computer, proper typing techniques, and cybercitizenship. Combine these features with the simple navigation, pleasing design, and customization options, and you have a truly comprehensive program that takes students way beyond the home row.

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The clear, colorful interface makes it easy to dive into lessons; the themes, games, choose-your-own-adventure stories, and interesting content keep students working hard; and the real-life practical applications finish it all off.


Students learn to type with practice and repetition. With small steps set as the default, teachers can customize the lesson path to allow more advanced students to skip ahead, or make custom lessons for students who need alternate content.


The website guides students on what to work on next, but also allows them some freedom to skip around, play games, or craft stories. The site gives teachers and admins extensive support for customization and tech help.

Community Rating

Great tool for improving typing speed and accuracy.

Overall, this is a typing practice application that has additional features instead of just typing out a passage. It is simple and effective at improving a student's typing skills.

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