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My Grades 6, 9
My Subjects English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Arts

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Jenny is a life-long geek who's always enjoyed playing with technology. From her early days on the Atari to regular family Star Wars retrospectives to her BBS social life in high school to now spending much of her day on the Internet, she enjoys being plugged in. At the same time, she also enjoys homeschooling her two children, reading books, watching movies, traveling around the world, playing board games, making crafts, and writing. She's a Core Contributor to the GeekDad blog and a founding editor and Copy Director of GeekMom. Her college education was varied, with math, computer science, and American history forming the bulk of it. She values interesting people and geek culture, and is always learning new things. She joined Common Sense Media in 2010 and writes game reviews.

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Cell Strike
Fight infections on compelling biology-based missions
Common Sense Says 4
Teachers Say Not Yet Rated
Typing Quest
Gorgeous, customizable set of typing lessons for all ages
Common Sense Says 4
Teachers Say Not Yet Rated
Political Animals
Charming political campaign sim mixes data analysis and civics
Common Sense Says 5
Teachers Say Not Yet Rated
Roman Town
Roman Empire app is informative but incomplete
Common Sense Says 2
Teachers Say Not Yet Rated
Earth 3D - Amazing Atlas
Interactive atlas has rich customization and 3D points of interest
Common Sense Says 3
Teachers Say Not Yet Rated
World habitat app full of intriguing visual comparisons, useful data
Common Sense Says 4
Teachers Say Not Yet Rated
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