Fantastic planning tool that helps organize and share your lessons.

Submitted 9 years ago
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This planning tool makes it easy to set up classes, align individual lessons to specific standards, and modify lessons by dragging and dropping items. When lessons took longer than usual I didn't have to go back and rewrite things, all I needed to do was drag the things I didn't get to over to the next day's plans and drop them there with a single mouse click. In addition, CommonCurriculum allowed me to select certain items in my plans to post to a parent website. With a single click the plans I want posted are available for parents to see without me having to set up anything. This tool has allowed me not only to easily create plans, but also to easily share them.

How I Use It

I use CommonCurriculum to plan my lessons and share them with colleagues and parents. After the initial setup, creating lessons is simple and it is easy to modify things by simply dragging and dropping items. I share my lessons with my team so they can see what I'm doing in class, and I also share my basic plans with parents. This means that if one of my students are sick or absent all their parents have to do is check my plans to see exactly what we're doing in class and access online resources to help them stay caught up.

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