Excellent tool for collaborating with colleagues!

Submitted 7 years ago
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I love Common Curriculum! Not only can I keep students updated and on track on a daily basis, but I can also share my lesson plans and my curriculum with colleagues. Creating my PlanBook took a little time at first, but once I figured out the norms of the site, I had no problem advancing to sharing my lesson within a group of other math teachers in my school on Common Curriculum's website.

How I Use It

I use Common Curriculum in my math classroom by uploading lesson plans, notes, homework assignments, projects, and study guides to the class website. Common Curriculum is a simple, organized way to share resources with students. This website sets students up to be responsible for their own learning and to take ownership of their progress each and every day. Advanced learners can receive extra practice or extension activities this way, while low literacy or special needs students can catch up on gap areas throughout the entire year.