Free and easy to use collaboration tool!

Submitted 8 years ago
Melanie G.
Melanie G.
Forestbrook Middle School
Myrtle Beach SC, US
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My Take

Originally I thought that Common Curriculum would be a tool that I could use to keep my lesson plans in the cloud, however once I started investigating it further, I realized all of the possibilities- you can even search state and common core standards within your lessons! This site offers many options for free that other products charge for and I am a big fan of free! It is super fast and easy to set up your account and if you get stuck on any step there are “how-to” videos available to help you out. I also appreciate the FAQ section where experts and fellow users offer support to various questions that are posted. I also think that the ability to share and collaborate with other educators in your building is key, and it offers prebuilt lesson plan and unit templates at your fingertips. Your lessons are stored in one place, you can easily organize your lessons by date, and all of your items are stored in a cloud for easy access. I highly recommend this product to others- I think it will truly change your ability to share and collaborate.

How I Use It

I was really excited to come across this product because I was hunting for a free tool that would allow me to store my lessons in one place and allow easy collaboration with others in my building. My position as a media specialist requires me to tailor lessons with specific teacher goals in mind and this tool works well for this type of collaboration. There is an amazing calendar tool that is customizable and interactive and allows for changes in schedule and even things like A/B days with block scheduling. I highly recommend Common Curriculum for anyone who has to share their lessons and plans with others in your building. This product rocks!