Great FREE resource for lesson planning, with the bells and whistles that other sites offer for a price.

Submitted 9 years ago
Marla Kay D.
Marla Kay D.
Forest Lake Education Center
Longwood FL, US
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Common Curriculum is an amazing planning site that offers so much for free! Teachers have access to upload unlimited files, units and lesson plans for an unlimited number of classes. The free account also comes with the ability to collaborate with another teacher. Schools that would like to have collaborative access for all teachers pay $99 per teacher.

The features I love include the ability to create your own template, drag and drop lesson plans and units, bump lessons to another day, align to standards, share homework and assignments on your class website, print, and share with a colleague! It is also very easy to share lesson plans with your administrator. I am excited to use it this year!

How I Use It

I signed up for Common Curriculum and can hardly wait to use it next month when school begins! I have used other planning websites, but the features of this site are more inclusive, and it is free for teachers!

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