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Pros: It's clean, colorful, and really appealing to young readers; all instruction is written in kid-friendly language.

Cons: Limited reports available; lacks customizations.

Bottom Line: This safe, simple social network lets kids share their reading success with friends, creating healthy competition and confidence.

Think of Biblionasium as a student-appropriate Goodreads, connecting kids to books as well as to parents, classmates, and teachers. You can use Biblionasium to keep track of your students' reading progress, or you can create contests and rewards based on how many books they've read. Students can write reviews and recommend books. It's also a great place to source discussion opportunities; if students seem to love a certain book and have strong opinions about it, you can bring that enthusiasm into the classroom.

Biblionasium is a social network that allows students to log books, review them, and share or recommend them to fellow kid readers. Parents or teachers must sign up first and then grant access to kids. Students get to choose an animated avatar and can then start to add books to their My Books section. For team-taught classes, multiple teachers can manage a class. Teachers can run reports of student reading progress.

Students can then log their progress, create reading challenges for themselves, and review and recommend books to their Biblionasium friends. In return, they'll get to see what other kids are reading in a safe, private environment.

Biblionasium is a must-have tool for a reader's workshop environment. It gives students the opportunity to talk about books, driving home the point that reading doesn't have to be a lonely endeavor -- it can even be fun! When students add a book to their Biblionasium library, they immediately get to make choices: Did they like it? Why did they like it? Why do they want to share it with a friend? They'll learn communication skills, improve their writing skills, and actually read books. Biblionasium is a warm, colorful community where students can challenge themselves and have a great time doing it.

Students will pick books to read, then log each one into Biblionasium. They'll then share how they felt about that book with friends, learning some basic analytical skills in the process. By making and then reaching their reading goals, students can become more confident as readers and hopefully transfer that feeling to other academic endeavors. Parents have a role, too, and can recommend books to their kids and monitor their reading progress in the tool, allowing them to support their students at home by encouraging and modeling good reading skills.

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Kids connect with each other and their parents about books, recommending those they enjoy and finding books they'll want to read. Design is colorful and super kid-friendly.


Great tool for a reader's workshop. Kids will not only read books but also learn how to talk about them, forming opinions as they share thoughts with friends. 


An excellent help section and a series of FAQs are available for each type of user: kid, parent, and teacher. Additionally, Coach Chip Manzee often appears on-screen to share helpful hints (this function can be turned off).

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Every library should use this!

My kids loved that their opinions were being put online and they felt very important. This is a great reviewing tool, making students stop and think about what they just finished reading.
I think helps serve kids better because it creates a digital and social connection to their reading, which is what students from this generation are craving.

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