This is a great tool for podcasting and radio shows!

Submitted 8 years ago
Rachelle W.
Rachelle W.
Digital Learning Specialist
Fort Settlement Middle School
Sugar Land TX, US
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I love Audacity and I have used it for creating podcasts of my own as well as a way for students demonstrate what they've learned! Students loved creating podcasts and there are a number of ways they can use this feature in the classroom. I enjoyed it so much I did an action research project on podcasting in the classroom. I learned a lot and it's value in the classroom is evident in the fact that it's a great way to involve all learners. I created a handout to help students better navigate through the software, but once they got the hang of it they were ready to go. If you would like that document I can share that with you. Students can create radio shows, literary soundtracks, and audio commercials using Audacity!

How I Use It

I had 8th grade students use Audacity to create radio commercials as part of our unit on media literacy and propaganda. Students worked with a partner to script an advertisement using several of the propaganda techniques. They also found royalty-free music on the website to add to the mood and tone of the advertisement. One student in the class rarely turned in regular class assignments, but he was all over this one. In fact the class voted him and his partner's commercial as the best! This can be used for struggling readers as an audio reading portfolio. They can create radio shows where they do mock interviews with famous historical figures. Teachers can use it to record lessons for students to listen to on the web. There are so many uses of this application.