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Audacity rocks for creating audio recordings

There are some complicated steps like installing separate plug ins for features such as exporting as an MP3 file, but generally this tool is fantastic for student creation. They love the flexibility it provides them to be creative.
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Students can create their own music for presentations, helps in teaching copyright.

I like Audacity. It is not too difficult for any level of student. Once students learn the program they can use it is other classes.
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Extremely powerful free tool!

I am a huge fan of Audacity. The two main features that stand out the most to me is that Audacity is really streamlined and that it is free. Students can download and install Audacity on their home computer without any license key and regardless of platform. I honestly think Audacity is perfect the way that it is.
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Voice recording software that allows for splicing and mixing tracks.

This program can be used as a simple recording device but it also offers students the opportunity to play around with mixing multiple tracks if they want.
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Audacity is a fabulous tool for building digital stories.

Audacity is super easy to use for recording audio. The product is not a solid teaching tool as a standalone product. However, if used for Podcasts or Digital Storytelling then it becomes a powerful tool for students to share research or a personal message about content learned. Moreover, Audacity although free, requires the program to be downloaded on all computers before students can access the program.
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Great tool for recording in the classroom.

Audacity is a great tool to have students creating in your classroom. It's easy to use and teach students how to use. Students are communicating and using technology to create a product rather than spitting out information.
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Historial events podcasts!

Audacity is easy to start using for simple recordings. Where things get difficult is doing more advanced options. Audacity does not provide a lot of support but thankfully there are YouTube videos how-tos. Another issue is you have to download another program in order to export your files out of the Audacity program, this was kind of a pain to get going.
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I use this to teach basic recording and engineering to my students. It gives insight to my beginning students, and prepares my advanced students for more sophisticated programs.

Audacity is great. We have produced cd's for students. It is also good for teaching some basic skills for recording.
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Great for learning recording, mixing, and producing of music, plays, radio commercials and psa's.

This product works well on a pc platform as well as a mac platform. I invested $20 dollars and bought a USB mic cable to record straigt from a mic instead of taking a feed from the mixer board. Once I put the computer in front of the students they were taking charge of the recording sessions. Easy setup and easy editing. Love the price too.
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Great way for students to share their learning, audio style!

As a teaching tool, I can see how teachers who are interested in flipped learning could use this to do voice over work. As far as using it in the classroom with students, it gives them a lot of freedom to choose how to they want their audio to work/sound/flow. No suggestions at this time in terms of serving kids/teachers better, as far as audio recording goes, it's pretty good!
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