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AMAZING & students loved it, and I was amazed at what they learned!

It was a GREAT opportunity for students to learn and use. We only used it for one 60-minute class period, but the students could have DEFINITELY stayed on longer or enjoyed multiple sessions. I love that they have independent access to this at home.
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Easy to Access Tech That Gives Students a Sense of Ownership

Elementari is a good way to introduce simple coding of interactions to students while not making them feel overwhelmed. Because of the tools that they offer, the kids can grow in how they decide to code the interactions. I presented this at a conference and some of the attendees liked the fact that the younger and less experienced set could find success in using this. The partipants that were more weary in using tech based products felt like they could use this too. Since using Elementari, there have been a lot of upgrades to the product as well has even more support tools and videos. This is something that I usually let people know about Elementari: "This can be used across the board. I’ve had students tell me they can put their notes from class here and design pages for them. I’ve seen where this is used for ESOL students and can see this being used with SEL. Students can record their original pieces to be used in their stories. Elementari also gives visual artists a chance to share their work and be credited when it is used in a story. The coding component teaches sequencing and allows the students to create, think critically, and problem solve. This has notes of design process thinking also."
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Elementari is an engaging way to have students creating, coding, writing, and reading. It also makes it really easy to provide an authentic audience for student work. The power of combining visuals and text and making it interactive, has students hooked.

I truly love using this as a teaching tool. Elementari helps students work on coding and storytelling, writing, reading, and how to write for authentic and specific audiences. It's so engaging. When a student figured out how to get the dragon to fly, the whole class rejoiced! Coding is the best way to learn resiliency and that failure isn't the end of the journey but rather the beginning. Elementari can also be used without students coding anything at first, but they can still create, write, read, listen, speak, and more. The support that Elementari provides is also amazing. I highly recommend!
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