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Easy to navigate and serves many purposes

The site is organized very well. They offer plenty of visually unique and stunning templates for many purposes or areas. The features I found most interesting were the video and picture quick actions, that allow you to convert videos to mp4, increase or decrease speed, reverse the video, merge videos, etc. They also offer actions to quickly convert pictures to JPG, PNG, etc. Many other sites require you to watch ads or take too long to do these actions, but this site gets it done within seconds. The site also has a free social media scheduler, where you can connect your platforms to your Adobe Express account and schedule your posts. This can help with preserving quality of photos and videos for posting. Overall, I have no complaints.
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Great tool to try something new with technology in your classroom!

I think that if you want an easy tool to include technology into your classroom this would be it! I loved how my students had to create something and not just write about something. I wish you could embed documents, pdfs, or google docs into the websites.
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Students become Producers with This Amazing Tool

I think this is a great teaching tool. There are so many ways for students to make their learning visual with this tool. I wish there were more music options that were a little more exciting, but you can find music that is copyright free to add to your presentations.
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Amazing tool for interactive art making and movie making!

Many teachers have students make “commercials” for a topic they researched. This is a great tool because it is multidimensional where students are recording data inside and outside the classroom. It gives real world context especially with the commercial idea because everyone knows what that is and how to try to make something more appealing. The students then use their own creative freedoms within the program to design around that idea. In art, this would be an outstanding project that could be about artists or materials or art genres. I think students are already practicing how to display themselves to the world through social media and profiles, this would take those previous skills and build onto the classroom lessons. Without this technology we could still do commercials for topics and “profiles” for aspects of art, but to have the real app where students already have the intuition to work it would be amazing. It would be paper vs online learning, either way the student is conducting the research and creating the product themselves so retaining would be the same for either.
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Powerful Product to Create and Present PSAs

I liked the format and ease of using this tool for both the educator and students.
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Easy to use and students can create content using Adobe Spark in all curriculum areas.

This is an amazing tool and I absolutely recommend Adobe Spark to educators. The setup is easy and this intuitive tool will spark your student’s creativity and hone their visual literacy skills.
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Adobe Spark - Light your Creative Design!

This is a great application to use for student creativity and design, since it doesn't require the necessary skill and complexity of other Adobe products. The available repositories of fonts, photos, shapes and templates makes this too easy to make stellar looking pieces. I enjoy having both mobile an online versions since its quick and simple to make graphics for a variety of Social Media platforms. Adobe Spark is a main tool in my arsenal of digital tools and its extremely appreciated for a Media Specialist that needs to create on the fly.
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Beautiful, quality visuals meets amazing user-friendliness!

I absolutely recommend this platform to educators. It is amazingly flexible and makes creation of quality graphics, videos, and more super easy. Once your students get familiar with the possibilities, they will (as I have) use it for so more than school!
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Great tool for education.

This application, in my experience, is better suited to more self-motivated learners. They have to overcome a small learning curve to get set-up and running, but it is pretty easy after that.
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Intuitive, easy-to-use digital storytelling that needs a few basics to become a great product

Our school has an enterprise license for Adobe Spark, so there were no issues about creating student accounts at the elementary level or sharing potentially personal information that could be used to identify students. If your system doesn't have that, students must be 13 years old to create a personal account. The students and I like the polish of the finished presentations as well as the ease of creating them. It is easier to use than both Google Slides and PowerPoint. It offers voice narration, which helps the student practice speaking skills. However, the only way to add recorded video to the video presentation is to have it downloaded to your computer. It works best in a Chrome environment or on a Chromebook. It is available as a website and an Apple app. Presentations are easy to create in both places but more comfortable to edit on the web. There is no manual save button present anywhere that I could find on either the web or app version. Overall, it is a great tool that could use some minor refinements.
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