Easy to navigate and serves many purposes

Submitted 9 months ago
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My Take

The site is organized very well. They offer plenty of visually unique and stunning templates for many purposes or areas. The features I found most interesting were the video and picture quick actions, that allow you to convert videos to mp4, increase or decrease speed, reverse the video, merge videos, etc. They also offer actions to quickly convert pictures to JPG, PNG, etc. Many other sites require you to watch ads or take too long to do these actions, but this site gets it done within seconds. The site also has a free social media scheduler, where you can connect your platforms to your Adobe Express account and schedule your posts. This can help with preserving quality of photos and videos for posting. Overall, I have no complaints.

How I Use It

This is a good resource I will use for clubs and organizations because of the many templates that are offered to help create a brand and theme for them. I also often need to make quick video or picture conversions when submitting work online for my classes, so the quick actions are useful.