Amazing tool for interactive art making and movie making!

Submitted 4 years ago
Anna S.
Anna S.
Loyola University Maryland
Baltimore MD, US
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My Take

Many teachers have students make “commercials” for a topic they researched. This is a great tool because it is multidimensional where students are recording data inside and outside the classroom. It gives real world context especially with the commercial idea because everyone knows what that is and how to try to make something more appealing. The students then use their own creative freedoms within the program to design around that idea. In art, this would be an outstanding project that could be about artists or materials or art genres. I think students are already practicing how to display themselves to the world through social media and profiles, this would take those previous skills and build onto the classroom lessons. Without this technology we could still do commercials for topics and “profiles” for aspects of art, but to have the real app where students already have the intuition to work it would be amazing. It would be paper vs online learning, either way the student is conducting the research and creating the product themselves so retaining would be the same for either.

How I Use It

We would use it in the classroom to practice editing to make stories or presentations. This may seem very streamlined, but I think the overall context of editing, re-writing, and editing again is a very important factor to making anything. Adobe Spark purpose is to enhance what we have already record or done. It’s meant that nothing can be perfect in one shot and needs constant attention to how something is made. Many teachers have students make “commercials” for a topic they researched.