Intuitive, easy-to-use digital storytelling that needs a few basics to become a great product

Submitted 4 years ago
Deidre W.
Deidre W.
Green Valley Elementary School
Hoover AL, US
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My Take

Our school has an enterprise license for Adobe Spark, so there were no issues about creating student accounts at the elementary level or sharing potentially personal information that could be used to identify students. If your system doesn't have that, students must be 13 years old to create a personal account.

The students and I like the polish of the finished presentations as well as the ease of creating them. It is easier to use than both Google Slides and PowerPoint. It offers voice narration, which helps the student practice speaking skills. However, the only way to add recorded video to the video presentation is to have it downloaded to your computer. It works best in a Chrome environment or on a Chromebook. It is available as a website and an Apple app. Presentations are easy to create in both places but more comfortable to edit on the web. There is no manual save button present anywhere that I could find on either the web or app version. Overall, it is a great tool that could use some minor refinements.

How I Use It

My students used it after writing a paragraph about a famous person from our state to create an accompanying visual presentation. We also used it to recount, summarize, and explore themes in a whole class read aloud. I plan to have students create social studies posters about topics that we cover that explain their thinking and understanding of the text. I do think it is best to create a product from a script, outline, or finished writing to make the best use of time and give the most polished result.