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Are teachers shrugging responsibility to parents with freshgrade

When looking at the freshgrade 'parents' portal or examples it would appear that the school / teachers are expecting parents to spend a couple of hours a night teaching children on subjects for assignments they are having problem with. My expectation is that children are taught at school. They don't need to be going to school and coming home and do another 2 hours of teaching with parents, whom by the way are not teachers. Could freshgrade be a scapegoat for schools and teachers and put the ownership on parents. If this is the case, why do we have teachers?
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Interactive and Collaborative, A View Into Real-Time Student Learning

FreshGrade is an excellent choice for an eportfolio. It combines collaboration with meaningful communication. It is also free to use and user friendly with great tech help. However, I do wish they would figure out a way around needing an email address to be able to link with portfolios. Not all parents of my students have an email account at this time...
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Capturing and Sharing Student Learning, Reflections, Goal Setting, and Ways to Move Forward

I really like Fresh Grade because is a simple way to capture student learning in real time. The iOS app makes it easy for me and my students to add to their portfolio during our class time. I love how easy it is to share this documentation with parents in a private way so that they are constantly in the loop with their child's areas of growth and needs for improvement. One hope I have for the product is the ability for parents and students to easily sort the portfolio artifacts to better highlight the growth over time. I'd also love my young learners to be able to add their own voice comments from the student app. I really like how simple it makes the collaboration of teacher, student, and parent happen as a way to ultimately help a student be the best that they can.
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The digital learning tool teachers have needed for far too long.

Traditional grades misrepresent learning, because they are teacher driven and do not engage students in a conversation. If we deliver parents generic reports with A-F labels, we tell them nothing about achievement. FreshGrade gives teachers the opportunity to share written, audio, and video feedback about what students have truly accomplished, along with actual artifacts in a digital learning environment. FreshGrade is the best feedback/portfolio assessment tool I've ever seen.
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Freshgrade allows students & educators to capture, curate, document & share student learning through text, photos, and video with family and other educators who support the student's learning.

It is transformative when a student can share the scope and depth of their learning. I love the immediacy of this tool. Upload evidence of learning and bam share it! Freshgrade is a flexible, creative tool that can be used as a digital porfolio for digital storytelling and/or for formative assessment. I have seen the app change and evolve based on user feedback and I look forward to seeing how it will get better and better. Positive parent feedback is phenomenal with this tool and our students in #sd36learn expect to share their learning with an authentic audience.
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FreshGrade-Communicating Student Learning

Using FreshGrade has made me question my assessment practices , I have become much better at understanding formative assessment and it has also allowed me to provide differentiated assessment to better meets the needs of individual students in my class. I use FreshGrade as my communicating student learning document.
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Great tool to communicate student learning

Freshgrade has blended an easy-to-use platform with a responsive team support network to ensure that we are effectively able to communicate student learning in a variety of ways. It has helped us show student learning in ways that are unique to that learner and that the journey is much more than a total of grades and %s.
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Make Learning Visible & Meaningful with FreshGrade Portfolios

FreshGrade is a tool to document and communicate learning. It is extremely flexible and teachers can use it to suit their particular classroom needs. Although it is difficult to speak to the pedagogy of this tool because it is truly teacher driven, it does provide a space for pedagogical documentation and has the potential to transform teaching and learning through assessment. The portfolio portion where parents, students and teachers can work collaboratively to support individual goals is amazing. Although parent feedback has been very positive I believe their experience will improve when they can filter their view to focus on specific goals or learning areas. Likewise, student feedback has been very positive but would improve if they could filter as the teacher can.
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