Interactive and Collaborative, A View Into Real-Time Student Learning

Submitted 6 years ago
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My Take

FreshGrade is an excellent choice for an eportfolio. It combines collaboration with meaningful communication. It is also free to use and user friendly with great tech help. However, I do wish they would figure out a way around needing an email address to be able to link with portfolios. Not all parents of my students have an email account at this time...

How I Use It

I use FreshGrade to create student eportfolios. Parents, or whomever else the students have permission for, can link to the eportfolio to see and comment upon student artifacts that get uploaded. It worked to increase student ownership in my classroom because they really found that they cared about what went into their eportfolio. The students became more engaged in their work because they had more pride in it. The only drawback was that it did take some time for my high school students to get used to seeing themselves and their work in the eportfolio. They were shy!